Happy Halloween!

9th – Annotation and Critical Thinking – Students were given an article to read and annotate in preparation for class discussion Friday. They also finished working on Nouns and Verbs. They will be discussing the following six questions during class:
1. In what ways are you similar and different than the kids described in the article? Give specific examples from the article and your own life.
2. This article was written in 2006: what has changed? what has gotten better? what technology has advanced? or disappeared/become obsolete?
3. How has technology given people power to make change? What are examples from the article? From history? From present day?
4. What is the author’s purpose for writing this article? Why? Who is the intended audience? Has the audience changed since the article was first written?
5. How could this article effect your behavior in regard to technology? Be specific. Give examples.
6. How does this article effect the districts idea to increase student use of technology? Why? Be specific. Give examples.

S+ – Students will be discussing this weeks article and then working on their group presentation.


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