Thursday – Reading Day

9th – students continued to read in class today through chapter 7 of To Kill a Mockingbird (TKAM) and kept up with the chapter reading quizzes. Also, students were given a one-pager on Tuesday which was collected at the end of class today. The one-pager was about the novel TKAM.

SAT Vocabulary 8 is due MONDAY and is available on Moodle. SAT Vocabulary Lesson 9 is due January 2nd, the first day back from break.

Yesterday students had an opportunity to continue researching and writing their formal essay. A first draft will be due next Friday, December 21st. 

S+ – We will continue with Night today during class. Students should be finished with this novel early next week before moving on to The Diary of Anne Frank. In writing, students are working on a personal narrative which will be turned into a digital storybook with pictures, music, and narration. Lesson 9 is due today and the Lesson 7-9 summative assessment will be next week. 


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