Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Updates for Trimester 2 and 3 English Classes

I want to clarify and modify some of the wording of the late/missing work policies as well as the retakes policy as we move along in the school year.


Category Weights: Summative – 90% and Formative – 10%

One-Pagers: These will be assigned either on the class text we are reading or on independent/choice novels. If you are missing components it will detract from your grade.

Reminder: No retakes are given, nor LATE work accepted for any FORMATIVE assessments and assignments.

**Edmodo –this is a newer Web 2.0 tool being used in class where students can post questions directly to me or to classmates. Students can answer classmates questions, and are more likely to get an after school hours response from me. It will also be used on occasion to hold a discussion, require a response to an article, or complete an assignment.


Per the district changes in standards-based grading, we are now allowed to have a late work policy. Therefore the following changes will take place:

ALL work is due the date it is assigned to be due. At the end of the month, any missing assignments, both formative and summative – will receive a zero and are not eligible to be retaken or made up.

These changes are to help the students with the relevance of work. Formative work is there to help the students with the summative assessments and the understanding of concepts, books, the writing process, etc. not finishing them within a reasonable amount of time creates a disconnect between the material learned and the classwork we’re completing.

 9th – Complete lesson 9 for January 2nd. Have TKAM read to end of Chapter 11. Research Essay due Juanuary 16th.

S+- personal narrative digital story due January 7th.


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