It’s a cold and frosty morning, as well as conference night.

9th – Continue reading and taking To Kill a Mockingbird quizzes. You need to finish the book by January 28th. You also need to complete all quizzes by then as well. SAT vocabulary 10 was due this morning, SAT vocabulary 11 is due NEXT Monday morning and is available on both Edmodo and Moodle. You can also complete these assignments on Google Apps. The first GWA (Graded Writing Assignment) will be due on February 4th and you will be using TKAM as the text for the assignment. This will be the final assessment for TKAM.

S+ – Continue reading The Diary of Anne Frank and complete the one-pager assigned to the reading. Lesson 12 will be due Thursday with the quiz to be completed by Monday January 28th.


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